This project developed from my work in 2017-2018 on the ongoing Kickstart Arts site-sensitive Healing Ground community project at the former Orphan School buildings at St Johns Park New Town. Convict children worked on the surrounding city farm and at the orphan schools, leaving at fourteen as indentured farm labourers or domestic servants, until they were eighteen. They were essentially being prepared for a nineteenth century life as the “industrious poor”. In response to a critical examination of the orphan schools I asked the question:

How well are we preparing our children for life in the twenty-first century: of climate crisis, ecological destruction, burgeoning populations, and dwindling resources?

The video linked below is about the creative process of a community collaborative project called Remembering the Future produced in 2019 by Kickstart Arts and New Town Primary School. Students led by Teaching Artists, worked collaboratively, making art, playing games, leading discussions, interviews, and evaluating their work as it developed. They built small sculptures, a large sculptural installation, short films, and documentary films. The project finished with a family night, featuring sculpture slam, film viewings, music, and building projections. 

Remembering the Future was supported by Arts Tasmania, Australia Council for the Arts, Kickstart Arts, New Town Primary, and Resource Work Cooperative. 

Image by Karen Brown Photography

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